Best Golf Rain Gear for 2017

Imagine yourself on a nearly perfect Saturday afternoon, preparing for a relaxing time spent with your pals on the greens. You check the weather on your phone: 20% chance of rain by the time you are on the course. Not nearly enough to make your choice of gear. You arrive and start off one under par. You are feeling great when the rain starts to come, slowly but surely it starts to pour. You are not prepared, in fact you’re soaked, but you’re much more than halfway through the course. You finish the game but not with the score you wanted, but you are determined that next time you’ll be ready for whatever weather comes: rain or shine.
If you have looked into rainy weather gear you might know some of the top brands for stormproof gear, and you might not. This article will explain some of the best on the market including top brands, and some other brands that are reliable yet might go unnoticed.


ProductDurability"Rain-Wicking Ability"PriceComfortability 
Nike Storm-Fit Rain Suit4/54.5/5$$$4.5/5 Check Price
Nike Golf Therma-FIT Cover-Up Jacket3.5/54/5$$4/5 Check Price
FootJoy Golf Rain-Ready Rain Grip Golf Glove3/54/5$5/5 Check Price
Frogg Toggs Men's Classic Pro Action Jacket with Pockets4/54.5/5$3.5/5 Check Price


Nike Storm-Fit Rain Suit

Having a reputable brand, such as Nike, makes this product very marketable and popular among its reviewers. This suit includes both a waterproof and weather resistant jacket and pair of pants.

A large majority of the buyers have given both pieces of this suit positive reviews regarding the size of the suit, the protection against rainy weather, and overall comfort. This suit is 100% waterproof and has appeared to perform up to its description.

This suit does not have a hood included which some reviewers deemed unfortunate. However, as far as rain protection and overall expectation of how the suit would fit, this choice seems to be a reliable one.

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Nike Therma-FIT

Not only does this product have a wide variety of colors to choose from, but it also has received  consistent and positive feedback from its reviewers. Some reviewers mentioned that this is a great choice for golfing, and could be used while running as well.

Another popular feature to this jacket is it has pockets on the sides. These pockets are slim enough to not be a nuisance and still get the job done. One helpful reviewer said that being slightly broader in the shoulders resulted in him needing just a bit more room, however it seemed not so critical as to return for a different size. This jacket was consistently described as comfortable and made from good material resulting in what appears to be a smart purchase.

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FootJoy Golf Rain-Ready Rain Grip Golf Glove

This pair of golfing gloves have somewhat of an inconsistent review given by its buyers. One particular buyer mentioned that his regular gloves were just as effective as these rain-ready gloves that he purchased for a golfing trip.

Another reviewer mentioned that while they were comfortable, like mittens, they were not effective in resisting the rain. He does mention that the small towel that comes included with the gloves was a helpful way to dry off the golf ball. Other buyers positively regarded this pair of gloves as reliable and long-lasting, while providing enough grip to swing.

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Frogg Toggs Men’s Classic Pro Action Jacket with Pockets

According to many of its buyers, this jacket is versatile and effective in protecting against rain and colder weather. Though once mentioned to be somewhat stiff and bulky while also being a little larger than expected, this jacket has received an overall positive review considering its workability and “breathability” as one user mentioned.

Some buyers used this jacket while canoeing, others for trail running. In these settings, the jacket proved to be a helpful piece of gear. A fair warning to all potential buyers of this jacket- some reviewers mentioned that this jacket was a little bit shorter than expected. This might be helpful to potential buyers who might want to increase their size for the jacket. Most recent reviewers have deemed this jacket both a great fit and an effective weather protector.

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Final Thoughts

Depending on what you are specifically looking to purchase whether that be gloves, a golf rain suit, or just a jacket- Footjoy, Frogg Toggs, and Nike have some reliable options. In an effort to save some money, consider investing in the Nike Therma-Fit jacket instead of purchasing the full suit, as regular workout pants may prove to be as equally effective and more cost efficient. This jacket seems to be most versatile and can be used for a wide range of activities. After a thorough investigation of the glove reviews, it seems as though a regular pair of gloves might be a smarter purchase and work just as well. Hopefully after this article you have some direction as to how to best prepare for that unexpected “20%” chance of rain that comes during your golfing adventure.


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