Best Golf Bags for 2017

Whether you’re the “weekend warrior” golfer or “few times a week” golfer, lets face it, it would be good to invest in a quality golf bag. A bag that will make it easier to get to each hole is a necessity. With so many to choose from though, how do you know which one to pick? Luckily, I’ve put together this list of the five best golf bags for 2017, in search of the best golf bag on the market. I hope these in-depth reviews will help you choose the best golf bag 2017 has to offer.


If you’re short on time and want a brief summary, please see the table below. Feel free to come back later when you have more time to read through the rest of the review.

Golf BagQuality RatingPriceDurabilityWeightPockets
Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag4.5/5$$5/55.6 lbs18!
Callaway Chev Stand Bag4.5/5$$4/55.5 lbs7
Callaway Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag5/5$$$4.5/55.0 lbs8
Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag4/5$$3.5/5'Bout 4 lbs9
Hot-Z Golf 3.0 Stand Bag3/5$3/56 lbs5


Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

The first bag on the list is the Callaway 2016 Org 14. The Callaway Org 14 has been Callaway’s most popular bag for years, and with this version they’ve focused on improving the straps, updated the pockets and gave it an E-trolley base. This 10.5’’ bag is designed with a 14-way divider club organization system. It also comes with two integrated molded grab handles for easy carrying, and two insulated cooler pockets. Combined with the trolley lip, the E-trolley base can integrate with many different push carts to help secure the bag. The Callaway Org 14 2016 also has an integrated umbrella sleeve for rainy days, and 14 full length club dividers to organize your clubs while on the go. It has a total of 18 pockets, one of which being a water resistant, velour-lined pocket designed to safely secure valuables. It has two full length pockets designed for apparel, a pocket for wet gear, a ball pocket, three accessory pockets and a GPS/rangefinder pocket. This golf bag even has a key fob!


Now that the main features are out of the way, let’s move on to how they fair in practice. The standout improvement from the 2015 version of this bag is that the golf club slots are lined. This not only keeps my clubs pristine and scratch-free, it also allows the clubs to slide easily in and out of their slots. It also makes it easy to choose which club I want to use, because it’s simple to see which clubs are where. It also keeps my clubs organized. Overall, the bag feels very high quality, and at only 5.6 pounds, it’s lightweight. The abundance of pockets is another major plus with the Callaway Org 14, 2016 edition. There’s plenty of room to store different things. I also like how the cover on the bottom front pocket is removable, in case I ever want to get it embroidered or personalized. The cooler pouches are another fantastic touch. When walking an 18 hole round, my drinks stay cool the entire time.


As for the cons of this golf bag, one that stood out to me was how stable it is when standing up. After a few months, I noticed the bag will topple over even on completely flat land. Over time, it may become misshapen and unbalanced even more to the point that I worry it won’t be able to stand on its own at all. Another issue was the lack of a Velcro glove, and no exterior pencil holder. You would think with all the amazing pockets this golf bag has there would be no desire for more, but sadly they missed the mark with these almost necessary items. Finally, one of my ball pockets is already showing wear after a few months of use. All in all, I’d recommend this bag to someone who wanted a bag with all the bells and whistles. Realistically you can get by on a bag with less storage, but it’s nice to use a quality bag with a lot of features occasionally.


Callaway Chev Bag

The next Callaway bag I tried was the Callaway Chev. It’s designed with a 7-way top with dividers that are full length to keep the clubs separated and secure, and a soft mesh hip pad for added comfort and ventilation when walking while wearing the bag. It’s also a light weight of only 5.5 pounds. Unlike the Callaway 2016 Org 14, the Callaway Chev has an all-terrain base system. The all-terrain base system is designed with added stability in mind, no matter what terrain you’re on. It works with two legs that prop the bag up, so it is literally being propped up like a stand. The Callaway Chev has a total of 7 pockets, one of which being a valuables pocket that’s lined with velour. Some of the other pockets are a water bottle holder, expandable ball pocket and umbrella pocket.


One of the major pros of this golf bag is how versatile it is. It works well when one would to both walk and ride. Since it’s only 5.5 pounds, it feels very light when carried. The multiple pockets make it a dream to carry everything from balls to drinks, and from keys to clothing. The stand design is also nice. It stands sturdy on most terrain, and folds up easily when it’s time to move along to the next hole. This is a sturdy, lightweight bag that works well for many different uses, whether carrying or riding.


The main complaint that was found with this bag is the lack of completely full length dividers. From the description, you’d think it would have 7 full length dividers, but only three of the main dividers are full length. The up side to this however, is that if I drop something in one of the sections that aren’t separated by full length dividers, I don’t have to struggle too much to get it out. Other than that, this bag could benefit from having 7 full length dividers. This may not be a con to everyone, but it also only has 7 pockets. More storage is always a plus, so more pockets would have been appreciated on the Callaway Chev.


Callaway Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag

Typically the most expensive golf bag (prices always fluctuate) on the list is the Callaway Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag. It has a 7-way top that has full length club dividers in addition to an alignment stick holder. The Callaway Hyper Lite 5 uses Xtra traction technology for the base which offers extra turf interaction and steadiness when standing up. It even includes a towel hook that is finished with black satin, and a bottle opener. Just like the Callaway Chev, this golf bag weighs in at only 5.5 pounds making it light enough to carry around with ease. It has a total of 9 pockets, including a tee or GPS pocket. The Callaway Hyper Lite 5 also includes a velour lined valuables pocket that’s water-resistant, and an umbrella sleeve.


This bag is durable, lightweight and has a good number of pockets. It’s easy to travel with and feels great when I’m carrying it around on my back. The shoulder pads are a terrific addition as well, and when I’m carrying this bag fully packed it makes the load more comfortable on my shoulders. Plus, the 9 pockets are a nice compromise between the Callaway 2016 Org 14 which has 12 pockets, and the Callaway Chev which only has 7. Despite its roominess, this bag isn’t bulky either. The towel hook is also very sturdy, making it a valuable feature on this bag. The full-length dividers are a nice touch, making it easy to slide my clubs in and out while also keeping them organized. The stand is also reliable on different terrains and are easy to put away and Velcro down when not in use.


There’s not much to complain about with the Callaway Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag. The only issue I’ve had with it so far is that when the bag is in a leaning position it can be a bit challenging to slide in a club. However, I simply put in its upright position and shake it a little and the club then slides right in. All in all, I consider the Callaway Hyper Lite 5 to be the best Callaway golf bag. It has a good number of pockets without the issue of falling over or not having a solid amount of full length dividers.


Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag

I’m excited to review this bag because I happen to personally own it! So this review, I can honestly say, is from personal experience.

Moving away from Callaway golf bags, the Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag is next on the list of the Best Golf Bags for 2017. This bag has an 8.5’’ oval top, with an 8-way, 3-full length divider structure. It has 9 functional pockets, and six of those are zippered. The pockets include a fleece-lined valuables pocket that’s also water resistant, an insulated cooler pocket, a drawstring pocket for quick access, a full-length clothing pocket and a pocket specifically for a writing utensil. The Nike Air Sport III also includes a matching rain hood and has an integrated GPS loop, Velcro glove patch and scorecard/pen sleeve. This bag also uses the Nike Equaflex revolving double-strap method that makes carrying it comfortable. Plus, it includes a back pad that’s ventilated for even more comfort when carried.


This bag is incredibly lightweight, and is very comfortable to carry on my back when walking form hole to hole thanks to the carrying straps. There are plenty of pockets to keep my things organized, and I can even bring drinks with me that stay cool as a result of the insulated cooler pocket. The Velcro glove patch and pen sleeve is wonderful, too. I don’t have to dig through other pockets that have a combination of items in them when I can just reach for my glove right off the Velcro patch. I even get compliments on the appearance of the bag. While many of the features are designed for comfort when carried, I like how it is functional on a cart as well. The main pros of this bag overall are its variety of pockets, light weight and sleek look. I can personally attest to the fact that this bag is fantastic. For the money, you definitely get a quality bag made from Nike.


Hot-Z Golf 3.0 Stand Bag

The Hot-Z Golf 3.0 Stand Bag is the most affordable option on the list. It’s designed with a 14-way top with 3 full length dividers to keep your clubs organized. It also includes 5 zippered pockets, and a rain hood cover that’s perfect for rainy days on the golf course. The dual carry straps are padded for added comfort when carried. The Hot-Z Golf 3.0 bag also functions well when riding. Some other key features are its scorecard sleeve, pen sleeve and towel ring alongside a Velcro glove attachment. One of the pockets includes a valuables pocket that’s lined with velour, as well as an umbrella and tee holder. The Hot-Z Golf 3.0 is made of nylon material, making it very light weight. It also has a bottle holder and stand legs that release easily.


This golf bag has the best bang for its buck out of all of them. It’s the most inexpensive, but has all the necessities a quality golf bag needs. Perfect for beginners who want a starter bag and don’t necessarily need a ton of pockets, this one has just enough plus a Velcro glove holder and pen sleeve. The nylon material really does make this bag a breeze to carry, and the padding on the dual straps makes the load of the full bag feel a lot lighter than without the padding. For the price, it’s a great quality golf bag with sturdy legs, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. The features are also reminiscent of what you’d get on a higher priced bag, and therefore are a treat on the Hot-Z Golf 3.0 Stand Bag.


The first con with this bag is that the dividers don’t go all the way down, allowing for the clubs to get tangled on the bottom of the bag. Personally, this is a small inconvenience and I don’t mind spending an extra few seconds detangling the club I want from the rest of them. While overall the bag seems like good quality, I have noticed some wear in the shoulder straps. It would also be nice if the zippers were double zippers, but not a necessity with the price point of this one.


Final Thoughts

Overall, shopping for the best golf bag can be tricky depending on what features you’re looking for. Deciding how many pockets you need, if you’d like a stand bag or trolley based bag, or needing an exterior Velcro glove attachment are all possible desires that can make or break your decision. Hopefully the reviews on this list will help you in making your choice. Finding the best golf bag for your personal preference is something any level of golfer should put some thought in to.

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