3 Tips for Senior Golfers in 2017

Several years ago I had the opportunity to play a round of golf with my grandfather. Even at 70 years old, my grandfather could still drive the ball off the box a good 200 yards. He always loved the game of golf and while we walked from one hole to the next, I was amazed at the amount of “golf wisdom” he was bestowing upon me. From sharing insight on how to approach the green, to reading putts, I felt like I was in the presence of Jack Nicklaus.


Now, my grandfather is unable to get out on the links. His knees and back bother him too much. While he doesn’t blame golf for his injuries, I’m still convinced that his swing form carried him through to be able to continue golfing into his late 60’s.


I wanted to throw a few points together for this first blog post to hopefully help some of you senior golfers gain some distance on your drives. It’s only three simple tips but it may help you in being able to continue playing the game you love for as long as possible.


Strengthen Your Grip

To ensure that you have a stronger grip, look down at your hands after you grasp the handle of your club, and make sure the crease between your thumb and forefinger form a “V” and points to your back shoulder, or just outside of it.

This ensures that when you begin your downswing and make contact with that ball, the club face will be closed. This induces a bit of over-spin, maybe a bit of a draw, and results in a few extra yards.


Flare Your Back Foot Slightly

When you setup in your stance, take your right foot and flare it out slightly. Because you may find your range-of-motion is not what once was, this will allow your hips to rotate more during your backswing.

Now, what you want to make sure you are NOT doing is “swaying” back during your backswing. This is the whole reason for flaring your right foot out slightly. This will hopefully prevent your from “swaying”. When you “sway”, you are moving your center of gravity during your swing which a big no-no. Try flaring your back foot slightly next time, and concentrate on not “swaying”.


Move the Ball Back In Your Stance Slightly

When you address the ball, have your stance set, try standing so that the ball aligned slightly toward the back of your stance, or closer to your back foot. The reasoning for this is that when your club comes down to strike the ball, it will compress the ball into the ground producing a greater overspin and allowing the ball to travel farther. This works well when you follow the first two steps in this post. Because you have strengthened your grip, when you make contact with ball at impact, your hands (wrists) won’t “give” as much, allowing you to strike the ball harder, resulting in a longer shot.

Here is an awesome, quick video to illustrate this point! It shows a drill that you can work on at the driving range.


Hopefully you found this helpful. If you end up trying these tips out and find that they really help you get a few extra yards on your shots, I would love to know about it! If you had the opposite experience and these tips were awful, I would also love to know about that! Either way, I want to hear from you. Feel free to comment below.

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