2017 Review of 3 ECCO Golf Shoes

The ECCO shoe company is built off of the vision of its founder, Karl Toosbuy. He wanted to design a shoe that never needed to be broken in. It is based on that concept that ECCO was born in 1963 and since then they have been following in their founder’s footsteps. ECCO is committed to craftsmanship which, as they say, guarantees quality. All ECCO shoes are designed by this principle: to develop shoes that are comfortable and have a natural fit. ECCO’s golf shoe line is no different. Crafted for top golfers and those just getting started, ECCO golf shoes are made to be the most comfortable golf shoe, while allowing the golfer to play at their best. The ECCO BIOM G2, ECCO BIOM Hybrid, and ECCO Cage are, arguably, three of the best ECCO golf shoes you can find on the market today. These three shoes bring with them the quality you can expect from any shoe made by ECCO.


ECCO Men’s BIOM G2 Golf Shoe

The ECCO BIOM G2 Golf shoe will have you feeling like a pro whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting started. Like most ECCO shoes, this one comes with glowing reviews. This lightweight, durable golf shoe is perfect for any golfer no matter your skill level.

The design of the shoes is meant to provide top level support and comfort, while allowing the golfer to perform at their best. The leather that is used provides adequate protection from the elements and allows your foot to breath.  

ECCO’s goal is to create comfortable walking shoes, in general. ECCO started as a company that aimed to “create shoes that were more comfortable, lasted longer and enabled people to move naturally.” This commitment to comfort has driven ECCO to develop an exceptional golf shoe design. The ECCO BIOM G2 is crafted to be just that. You can hit the course right away with the G2 and wear them right out of the box with little effort needed to break them in. While some consumers may add an orthotic soul for medical reasons, the BIOM G2 is well designed to be worn for multiple rounds of golf without the golfer ever having a feeling of discomfort. The BIOM G2 also provides top-level support. ECCO scanned 2,500 athlete’s feet to provide a shoe with ideal support, no matter the golfer’s foot shape. 

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The support and comfort of a shoe are important. But with any athletic shoe, a more important question to answer is performance. Will this shoe allow me to perform at my best? The answer to that question is, yes! The ECCO BIOM G2 will keep you firmly planted to the course. Most golf shoes will do the same, but the quality of design coupled with effective spikes, allow you to focus on your swing and not worry about your footing. ECCO also developed a new insole, they call Technical Insole System, which prevents your foot from moving during your swing, and allows you to have a firm stance through contact.     

But with any product, they aren’t without their faults. It is difficult to find cons to this shoe unless you really get nit-picky. But one subtle fault is with the spikes, or rather the replacement of spikes. If your spikes ever wear out, replacing them is not the easiest task. When you take the old spikes out it could damage the holes to screw the new spikes in. New spikes don’t really stay in the hole tightly, and consumers often complain about having to resort to gluing the new spikes in to try and get them to stay.

The ECCO BIOM G2 can get a little pricey, compared to other options. But the quality you are purchasing is worth the extra cash. With very few flaws, this shoe is built to last. Though replacing the spikes can be a bear, you may never even need to replace them in the first place. The spikes themselves don’t wear out quickly. This shoe is very durable and should last you a number of years, depending on how often you golf.


ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe

One of the problems with the BIOM G2 was that when the spikes wear out and you need to change them, it usually damages the shoe. But where the BIOM G2 has flaws, the BIOM Hybrid finds one of its major perks. The sole of the BIOM Hybrid is made with a classic “waffle” cleat. This prevents the issues of having to change spikes. Some might think because of the lack of spikes your grip on the ground would suffer. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. It pretty much depends on user preference, whether you prefer the spike or the classic cleat design. Both styles grip the ground well and prevent any unwanted movement during the swing. The Single-density TPU outsole that ECCO crafted for this shoe does allow for better balance during your swing. Because these shoes are spikeless, you do play a little lower to ground which can often feel more stable during a swing.    

Like most ECCO shoes, comfortability is one of the main goals and the BIOM Hybrid continues this rich tradition. ECCO uses their Hydromax technology to keep feet cool and comfortable. The insoles of the BIOM Hybrid are designed for maximum support and allow you to play hours of golf without your feet getting tired or uncomfortable.

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ECCO uses their Hydromax technology to help protect against the elements but it seems that the technology is lacking a little with this design. Often times water and dew from the course soaks through the shoe and in some cases can ruin the shoe. This doesn’t always happen and it could be accredited to a flaw in the crafting of the shoe, on a case-by-case basis.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a pair of the BIOM Hybrids is that they often run large. If you are going to buy these shoes online, and can’t try them on in store, then it would be best to try and get a full size smaller than what you would typically wear. Like most ECCO shoes they are a little pricey. In most cases, the “pros” are worth the price you will be paying and the BIOM Hybrids are now different. What you are getting with the Hybrid is worth the price you’ll pay.


ECCO Men’s Cage Golf Shoe

The ECCO Cage golf shoe is designed to enhance your grip and stability during your swing as it is a spiked shoe as opposed to a cleated shoe. The ECCO Cage has a lightweight heel design, that is molded to the natural form of the heel for increased stability. The outsole of the ECCO Cage allows the foot to move naturally and freely during your swing. However, like most spiked shoes the spikes can wear easily when compared to a more tradition cleat like the BIOM Hybrid.

ECCO’s commitment to creating the most comfortable shoe is a bit lacking with the Cage. Most ECCO shoes “fit like a glove” right out of the box. There usually requires very little “breaking in” and in most cases, golfers wear ECCO shoes right away with little to no problems with comfort. The ECCO Cage, for the most part, follows in this tradition of comfortably crafted golf shoes. However, many times the ECCO Cage can be very unpleasant for the golfer.

Because the ECCO Cage does not always fit as satisfying as you would like, it often takes several rounds of golf for the shoe to break-in; if it breaks in at all. In some cases, the shoe’s un-comfortability doesn’t go away and the shoes never truly “break-in.” While some complain about the comfortability and fit of the ECCO Cage, others love the way the shoe fits and stick to the notion that ECCO shoes can be worn right out of the box.

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The ECCO Cage utilizes the same waterproofing technology that most ECCO shoes have and they seem to be much better at keeping water out than the BIOM Hybrid. This shoe is “sealed tight” and the design of the leather used allows the foot to breathe easily.

The ECCO Cage normally runs slightly cheaper than the BIOM G2, the other spiked shoe in this review. When comparing these two shoes they seem to be pretty evenly matched. One can expect the same quality in design and performance from both. So if you are looking for a cheaper option, then the ECCO Cage may be the way to go.


Final Thoughts

ECCO has a reputation for crafting golf shoes that fit great, and allow you to play at your best on the course. These three shoes certainly continue in that tradition. Whether you like a spiked shoe or a more traditional cleat, you can’t go wrong with any of these shoes. All three provide the stability needed to have a strong grip on the course, for an effective swing. Though the fit of these shoes ranges depending on your preferences, all three mostly provide a cozy feel while you’re out walking the course.  ECCO is known for their quality, so it’s no surprise that these shoes can be a bit pricey for some. However, you can be confident that your money is well spent and the quality of these shoes is certainly worth the price you pay.  
Overall, these three ECCO shoes are well worth it for the money. No shoe is perfect and you may experience some flaws but the “pros” far exceed the “cons.” What you gain is a high-quality golf shoe that will help you perform at your best each time you step on the golf course.

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