10 Golf Swing Tips for Beginners in 2017


Professional golfers make the game look effortless. Their perfect swings guide the ball into a beautiful glide as it finds the way to the hole. But lets face it – no one is born with a perfect swing. It’s something that needs hours of practice to hone. The mechanical process of swinging is all about repetition to reach your own sense of perfection. The perfect golf swing for anyone whether a beginner or a professional doesn’t happen overnight. We put together a few tips for beginners. Whether you are starting to seriously start playing golf regularly, or you were just invited to play in a one-time charity event, hopefully the tips below help you a bit.


Stay Balanced

Golf swing basics simply have to start with the perfect balance. If you don’t have balance, your body flails around and your ball ends up in the water or weeds. You have to swing while being perfectly balanced over the ball or your entire body will overcompensate and your ball can end up anywhere, except the fairway. The reason you begin with good balance is you cannot fix any flaws in your swing until you are well balanced. Concentrate on not moving your feet during the swing. Keep feet flat to the ground until you begin your backswing. (Make sure you don’t look like Mr. Barkley here…)



Stay Square to the Target

Keeping “square to the target” is a phrase most golfers grow to know and hate. It’s a constant reminder to face the right direction as you get ready to swing. It’s about squaring up and keeping your feet in line with your shoulders. This helps the ball go straight towards your target instead of flying off into the trees in the wrong direction.


Work on your Grip

The grip you have on the golf club will make all the difference in your swing. A golf swing for beginners should include a natural grip as if your hands were hanging around the top of the club. Don’t grip too tightly and don’t let the shaft fall through your hands either. Have a good grip and it will help you connect naturally with your upper body for a great swing.


Tempo is Key

Practice the speed and flow of your shot. Swinging too slowly is almost impossible because you can control the swing at a slower speed. If you swing in tempo you allow the body to control the swing and follow through at the best speed for you. Your body is able to shift weight for your own maximum power. Once you perfect your swing at a slower speed you can work on speeding it up.


Swing Through

We’ve all seen golfers that stop the swing right after it hits the ball. You have to follow through the swing or your ball won’t reach its full potential. Keep acceleration going by completing the swing. If you stop short of a full swing, your swing slows down and the ball won’t go as far. Let loose with your swing and don’t worry about the accuracy of where the ball is going until you feel good about your swing.


Eyes on the Prize

All golfing pros will tell you one of the most important things is to keep your eye on the ball. It sounds easy, but many times your head will stay down during the swing to ensure you are making contact with the ball. Let this happen naturally and allow your head to come up so your shoulders rise and you are able to better see the ball. You might lose sight of the ball in the sunlight, but try to focus on its path. Before your swing pick out a spot on the back of the golf ball and imagine yourself making contact with that exact location. Your hand-eye coordination will take over from here.


Download Apps and Buy Equipment

If you want to go the extra distance to perfect your golf swing, invest in some training equipment (*affiliate link, just so you know) and/or download apps. These things will help each golfer personalize their swing and learn how to make the ball go further with their particular swing. They can also guide you virtually to see where your club should be at what point. You can better check your stance and entire swing with equipment and apps. I have heard some great things about GolfTec and their ability to help any golfer improve their accuracy. I know this sounds a little “salesy” but I don’t mean to be. I just want to provide an honest opinion on the good things I’ve heard about GolfTec. I am in no way affiliated with them.


Enhance Your Grip

Your grip around the shaft of the golf club is one of the most important things about your swing. If you have too tight of a grip you won’t have an adequate follow through. If you have too loose of a grip you won’t be able to really connect with the ball. Grip the club by leaning over it naturally and placing your hands in position. Your body should move with your arms as you swing. Your hands shouldn’t move at all. Don’t choke the club or it won’t be able to breathe through the shot!


Find Your Sweet Club

All clubs are not alike. Your club may be stopping you from your full swing potential. If the club is too heavy or too light it can be hard to get the acceleration needed for the ball to go as far as you want. A longer club also could be a problem as it takes a longer time to come in contact with the ball. Try different clubs to find what works best for your swing and what helps you reach the ball with the most speed.

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